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Now Offering One on One Consultations with Certified Nutritional Consultant, Mariana Friedman!

 It seems my entire life has centered on FOOD!

 When I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia at 5 years old, my mother changed my diet, cut out sugar, and says that she noticed immediate changes in my overall health and demeanor. That experience, and growing up in a restaurant kitchen, set the stage for my lifelong fascination with Nutrition and Herbalism, which I began studying in earnest as a teenager.

My interests led me to a long career in Natural Food stores, specifically in the supplement and body care departments. Education is the key to good sales in that arena, so the trainings and information were plentiful, and I drank it all in.

Through a co worker, I discovered Bauman College, a local school dedicated to training Nutritional Consultants and Personal Chefs. I graduated in 2003, with certificates in Nutrition Education, Nutrition Consulting, and was the teacher’s aid in the Natural Chef program, which taught me how to personalize meal plans for people in varying health situations.

 I went on to become a practitioner at an integrative pharmacy in Los Gatos for many years, during which time I did research, wrote blog posts and did social media work on the side for Biological Dentists.

Naturally, I married a bistro trained chef, and together, we make our own breads, yogurt, fermented vegetables, condiments, spice blends and a variety of other tasty things!

Come see me so we can figure out how to make your life delicious!

One Hour Customized Consult $60

Cooking Lesson or Grocery Store Tour $60

20 Minute Q & A $25