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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to receive treatments forever?

We should know within 3 sessions if Manual Therapy is the right technique for you, relief in 1-6 sessions is fairly common.

Is this like a “regular” massage? Do I have to get naked?

Manual Therapy is a hands on, therapeutic treatment where gentle pressure is applied to specific areas to release muscle tension, restore joint mobilization, decrease pain and encourage circulation, so that the body’s own inherent healing mechanisms can do their job.

And, you can just wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably no denim or khakis.

Will I feel better right away?

In some ways, yes, in others, well, maybe not. Lots of people have different reactions to treatment. You may go through a day or two of discomfort, as your body tries to bring itself back into balance.

Is this treatment covered by health insurance?

Maybe; if you want Health Insurance to cover treatment, ask your insurance company if out of network massage therapy is covered (code 97124).

What if I have been injured in an auto accident?

If you have a claim that includes PIP (Personal Injury Protection), we can bill for 6-8 sessions without a referral. If you need additional treatment, you may need to provide a referral from your doctor.