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Functional Methods and Osteopathic Techniques

These techniques are a collaboration of assessment and treatment methods taught by Jeffery Burch LMT, of Eugene Oregon( Sessions typically start with a standing assessment of posture, followed by the placement of the practitioners hand on top of the head, giving the slightest compressive fource. This exposes the place in the body where gravity is not agreeing, by giving a slight bend into the location. Then off we go, pulling from a bag of mobility tests and quick efficient treatments we can move through the body integrating structures like organs, joints, nerves, blood vessels, bones, and fascia! 

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger Point Therapy is a goal-oriented, muscle and fascia focused, strength training approach to pain relief. A long term apprenticeship with Walter Libby LMT, a local Trigger Point master, has enlightened treatment and assessment techniques for every part of the body. A bodyworker uses strength testing to hone in on muscle patterns that surround a point of pain.  Trigger Point Therapy allows the body to release a dysfunctioning muscle through precisely executed pressure, friction, and active muscle contraction. Clients will be instructed in self-treatment and maintenance protocols. This treatment is well suited to athletes. 

Visceral Manipulation:

Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a collection of techniques pioneered by Jean-Pierre Barall DO, a French osteopath. Re-establishing mobility in the supportive structures of the organs of the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. These are the most sacred structures, worth protecting at any cost, and your fascia agrees wholeheartedly! To guard loss of mobility in one structure the other splints a certain movement. The nervous system is wired with this priority. Paired with mobility testing and applied kinesiology, a bodyworker identifies the primary dysfunction in the body.  VM allows the bodyworker to locate the place your body is willing to change for optimal, holistic benefit.  The bodyworker uses the most gentle execution possible.  The basic philosophy behind VM is to treat the structures that dictate muscular movement without cranking on fragile muscle tissue.

 Positional Release:

Positional Release is a gentle approach in which the bodyworker uses comfortable positions designed to alleviate pain and restore muscle function.  The concept is simple, but the execution is fairly complex:  the bodyworker shortens the affected muscle to a position of comfort, and waits. Pain is relieved without heavy pressure found in other techniques.